Duties and responsibilities of Education and Cultural Attaché` of Somali Embassy in Pakistan
The Cultural Attaché is responsible for strengthening cooperation and coordination in the field of higher education and scientific research, as well as encouraging investment in education through the establishment of universities and affiliations between Somalia and Pakistan academic institutions

  • Enhancing cooperation in education, research, science and technology between Somalia and Pakistan.
  • Assistance provision of all Somali students in.
  • Making recommendations on national education policies based on observations of recent developments in the fields of education, culture, research, science, and technology in Somalia.
  • Developing, facilitating and actively participating in the plans of implementation of Pakistani Schools in Somalia.
  • Helping the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education in distributing of scholarships and guiding of Scholarship recipients of Somali students in Pakistan.
  • Conducting facilitates training programs, exchanges, and fellowships in various fields including engineering, medicine, information technology, telecommunications, public administration, and strategic planning in the Higher Education.
  • Delivering periodic and annual reports to the Ministry of Education and Culture in Somalia
  • Conducting Seminars and academic monitoring and advising, as well as ensuring the general welfare of the students while enrolled in their programs of study, and also keeping in touch of the students on Scholarship Programs to ensure that they utilize the education Opportunities given to them.