The objectives of the Commercial Attachés Office
The Commercial Office of Somalia in Pakistan focuses on developing and promoting trade and joint ventures between Somalia and Pakistan businesses. The commercial attaché presents a full range of services available for Somali businesses operating in Pakistan.
Services include:

  • Providing market intelligence reports, studies on specific industries, import directories and databases, information on customs and tariffs, and information on trade agreements.
  • Promoting Somali exporters to exhibit their products in specialized international trade fares and conventions in Pakistan.
  • Organizing trade missions and match-makings for Somali business communities.
  • Providing export opportunities in Pakistan for the Somali business community.
  • Reaching out to Pakistan businesses and business communities in order to explore trade and investment opportunities in Somalia.
  • Mediating and solving disputes between Somalia and Pakistan companies.
  • Informing Pakistan business entities of trade fares, investment and business opportunities in Somalia, as well as providing Pakistan companies with information regarding Somalia and its business outlook.

Tasks and competencies

  • Conduct researches and studies required for the markets’ potentiality and the volume of consumption patterns in Pakistan and Somalia and their market.
  • Continuous monitoring of changes that occur on the import and export regulations and preferences, and trade limitations with notifying the authorities to inform the exporters, importers and businessmen.
  • The translation of laws and regulations and any amendments that occur in Pakistan and Somalia.
  • Providing data and information on the business, economic and financial activities and events held in Somalia, and translating them into the languages of Urdu and English.
  • Providing data and information on the business, economic and financial activities and events, and make them available for those interested in participating in them in advance. Also, preparing Somali schedules for these activities and events along with brochures issued by the organizers of these activities and events.
  • Contributing to the preparation of commercial exhibitions held in Somalia and advertising for them in advance in Pakistan, as well as contacting interested authorities and sending invitations to them.
  • Arrange the mutual Somalia and Pakistan commercial delegations in coordination with the relevant authorities and to contribute in the preparation of an appropriate schedule that fits the goal of the visit.
  • Preparing specialized commercial, economic and financial reports and brochures.
  • Preparation of studies and envision commodities and services in markets which can be produced in Somalia and made available to the Pakistan producers and exporters.
  • Preparation of studies and providing advice on how to market and promote Somali goods and services in Pakistan, and make available to the Somali exporters and producers.
  • Coordinating with the concerned authorities in Somalia for the marketing of local consumption products of Pakistan.
  • Ensuring the application of the economic and commercial multilateral trade agreements between Somalia and Pakistan, and notifying the Somali businessmen and exporters -by the relevant authorities through direct contact- with the benefits offered by these agreements and the procedures that must be followed in order to take advantage of them.
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